“Nothing is more important than your mental health”

In today’s world of stress,things are not easy to handle as not only affect us physically but also mentally also. Mental health plays a key role in our life , it not affect our daily life but also relationships as well as physical health as well. So, to give priority and taking care of our mental health is our responsibility.Because when a person go through stress, depression and anxiety ,it affects mental health and disrupts the person routine. The WHO stress that mental health is “more than just the absence of mental disorders or disabilities. Every other individual have a high risk of developing mental health disorders , no matter their age, sex, income or ethnicity.

The state of poor health condition is also associated with rapid social change, stressful work conditions, gender discrimination, social exclusion, unhealthy lifestyle, physical ill-health and human rights violations. There are specific psychological and personality factors that make people vulnerable to mental health problems. biological risk include genetic factors.Mental health can be improved through various ways:

-Talk and share about your feelings with the person you trust the most because it brings clarity in your mind.

-Keep yourself active by doing physical activity like regular exercise which will boost your self esteem and will help you concentrate,sleep, and feel better.

-Eat a well balanced diet because the diet which is good for your physical health is also good for your mental health also.

-Keep in touch with everyone,don’t isolate yourself . Its not important to stay in touch and meet face to face but it can also through the phone or chat online, video call.

-Take a break from everything, spent some time with yourself and start practicing self love.

If we have a good mental health then it increases our ability to think and work more efficiently. Mental health is an integral part of our health; indeed, there is no health without mental health. People are now getting more aware about mental health and various programes have also started  to create awareness and taking care. Where positivity is present , mental health issues will automatically disappear. So stay positive and don’t overthink because “everything happens for a reason”

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