Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, were in India accompanied by their daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. They were recently spotted at Mumbai airport as they prepared to jet off to Los Angeles, United States. The couple’s journey caught attention as Nick made a gentle request to the paparazzi to maintain silence. In a clip, it could be seen Malti Marie peacefully slept in her mother’s arms.

Video Clip Highlights Nick’s Polite Request:

In a heartwarming video, Priyanka was captured cradling her daughter as they emerged from their car. Nick’s considerate appeal to the paparazzi not to disturb the sleeping infant caught attention. It showcased the couple’s protective instincts and garnered widespread admiration.

Social Media Reactions Reflect Disappointment:

The video sparked reactions across social media platforms, with many expressing disappointment at the paparazzi’s behaviour. One user lamented the potential discomfort caused to Malti Marie, emphasizing the need for sensitivity towards the child’s well-being. Another commenter humorously remarked on the irony of a foreigner reminding Indian paparazzi of decorum.


Calls for Action Against Paparazzi Behavior:

Amidst the online discourse, calls emerged for airport authorities to enforce stricter measures against intrusive media practices. People raised concerns about the potential impact on the child’s welfare. They also emphasized the need for respectful boundaries in such situations. Priyanka’s Recent Engagements:

Prior to their airport sighting, Priyanka graced her cousin’s sister Mannara Chopra’s birthday bash in Mumbai, adding to her list of recent social engagements. The couple also celebrated the vibrant festival of Holi in Noida, with Priyanka expressing gratitude for the joyful atmosphere created by their hosts.


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Priyanka arrived in Mumbai with Malti Marie on March 14, with Nick joining them shortly afterward. Their presence in India has been marked by family reunions, social gatherings, and celebratory occasions, showcasing their enduring connection to their roots amidst their international commitments.

The affectionate bond between Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, and their daughter Malti Marie was on full display during their airport encounter, underscoring the couple’s dedication to safeguarding their family’s privacy and well-being amidst public scrutiny. As they embark on their journey to Los Angeles, their fans await further glimpses into their lives, filled with love, warmth, and cherished moments.