Vikram Bhatt has also been pretty active after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. He has been speaking about the matter, especially since the drug angle emerged out. A few days back, there was a claim made the wives of Bollywood heros host parties with drugs and many other anonymous sources also said that drugs are served in trays in such parties. Now, Bollywood director Vikram Bhatt has also given his agreement and said that even he was told about the same by somebody.

In an interview with Navbharat Times, filmmaker Vikram Bhatt said he stopped attending Bollywood parties some twenty years ago after he quit smoking and drinking. He was quoted saying, “I liked going to parties when I used to drink and smoke. However, I gave up alcohol and cigarettes a long time ago.” He further spoke about how he asked his daughter to not consume any drugs and cigarette in the parties.

Vikram Bhatt on bollywood drug parties

Speaking about the consumption of drugs in Bollywood parties, the filmmaker said, “I am not saying that there is no usage of drugs in the film industry. If this is happening in the whole world then must be going on in the film industry too. It seems childish to say and believe that drugs are exclusive to Bollywood.”

Vikram Bhatt went on to reveal that someone told him that drugs are served on trays in Bollywood parties. He was quoted saying, “I have never been to a party where drugs have been taken by anyone. I have been to big parties. Somebody once told me that in some parties, different kinds of drugs are offered in trays. The guests then pick up the drug of their choice. However, I have never seen any such thing in the parties I’ve been to.”