Vikas Gupta Reveals His Brother And Mother Left His Home After He Confessed Being A Bisexual

It was in the month of June when Vikas Gupta took to social media to reveal that he is bisexual. After the news broke out, Vikas’ friends from the industry came out in support of the producer and praised him for making a brave move. But, do you know how that family member of Vikas reacted after he disclosed his sexuality? According to a report published in Times Of India, Vikas Gupta’s brother and mother have left his home after he confessed to being bisexual.

While there were reports that Vikas Gupta and his brother Siddharth are not on good terms with each other now, this revelation of Vikas has worsened the relationship between the two. He shared his family finds it embarrassing and doesn’t want to see him. Also, his bond with his father has changed. He said, “My brother Sid and my mother left my home some time ago, things had gone very bad after I disclosed my bisexuality to the world. My family finds it embarrassing to have me around them. They don’t want to be seen with me.”

Siddharth celebrated his birthday on November 3 in Madh, Mumbai which saw his mother, brother Vatan and some close friends, but not Vikas.  Hence, when he was questioned about his absence from Siddharth;s birthday, he shared society can be difficult and thus not being invited to the party is fine with him. He said, “Our society can be difficult, so not inviting me to the birthday is fine. I don’t wish to spoil their celebrations.”

The report also carried Siddharth’s reaction of Vikas not being part of his birthday bash, it quoted Siddharth saying, “How does what I do on my birthday make the news? This is my personal life and why am I being questioned about this.”

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