Domestic violence is one of the greatest social evil that the women in India are facing. A sizeable populace of Indian women face domestic violence at the hands of their husbands or the in laws. And it’s not just them, the top TV Actresses are also not spared when it comes to this lowly behaviour. There are several cases of domestic abuse in India that are filed even against the top TV actresses. Here we are going to talk about the TV actresses who were physically assaulted by their partners in marriage.

  1. Shweta Tiwari

The first name that comes to mind when talking about domestic violence on TV actresses is certainly Shweta Tiwari. She married her ex-husband when she was pretty young and has a daughter Palak with him. In 2007, Shweta came out to speak about the physical abuse that she was going through at the hands of her husband. She separated from Raja in 2007  and officially divorced him in 2012.

  • Rucha Gujarati

The chhota bomb of TV industry, Rucha Gujarati tied the knot with businessman Mitul Sanghvi in 2010. Just a few days later, she came out to speak of the physical and mental violence that she underwent from her husband. She divorced Mitul in 2013.

  • Deepshikha Nagpal

Deepshikha is a very popular name in the TV industry. Dhe married her long time boyfriend Kaishav Arora in 2012 with whom she even did a number of shows. But she divorced him in just a short span of time as he used to physically assault her.

  • Dimpy Ganguly

Diny Ganguly rose to fame with the show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaega where she married Rahul Mahajan after trying ti impress him throughout the show. She was also a participant in the controversial show Bigg Boss season 8. She separated with Rahul some time later as he would beat and torture her. Rahul apologized for his behaviour and got her back. But the continuous physical assault led her to divorce him finally in 2014.

  • Daljit Kaur

Daljit Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot were one of the most adorable couples in television industry. They were married for a long time but the issues of domestic violence kept cropping up. Daljit even has a son with Shaleen and seeing that the physical assault did nit stop even after their son’s birth, Daljit decided to part ways with Shaleen.