Ekta Kapoor Shares A Lovey Dovey Pic With Mystery Man, Ready To Make A Big Announcement?

Ekta Kapoor is one of the most successful directors in Bollywood and has made her mark with several TV shows and hit movies. However, she has always kept it low when it comes to her personal life. But it seems she’s ready to take on the next step in her life as she shares a love-filled selfie with Tanveer Bookwala, a close friend of hers. What’s interesting is the comment that he has left on the post. Check out.

A while back, Ekta Kapoor took to her Instagram handle and shared a lovey-dovey pic with Tanveer Bookwala. But, it is the caption that got all the attention and left her fans excited as it hinted at a huge announcement. Ekta wrote, “N we are there! Will tell all soon!!!!” As if that wasn’t enough, Tanveer’s comment on Ekta’s post left fans wondering if it will be a wedding announcement! Tanveer wrote, “Yeh dosti ko rishtedaari mein badal ne ka waqt aa chuka hain.”

Ekta Kapoor with Tanveer Bookwala

Tanveer Bookwala is the founder and creative director of an entertainment company. He has also shared several pictures with Ekta Kapoor on his Instagram account, and the caption on one of the pictures read, “Excitement AND Stability. Enough Said.”

In another selfie post with Ekta Kapoor, Tanvveer had written, “Most people, over the years thought, that our relationship would be Hair today, gone tomorrow. Guess, they can now snip their opinions. Here’s to many more Hair Raising Adventures…”

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