Throwback Story: This Is How Jaya Bachchan Reacted To husband Amitabh Bachchan And Rekha’s Link-Up Rumours; READ NOW

Bollywood big B, Amitabh Bachchan was once supposed to be infatuated with the veteran actress, Rekha, regardless of being hitched to Jaya Bachchan. It was an about late ’70s when media portals were buzzing with Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha’s relationship rumours. We came across one of the throwback interviews of Amitabh Bachchan’s significant other, Jaya Bachchan, wherein she had opened up about her inner self out on her better half’s linkup with Rekha Ji.

It might resemble a story of old times, but people still remember their on-screen romance and chemistry. Rekha and Amitabh’s linkup didn’t care for some other gossip story, which was agitated by media. While nobody knows every bit of relevant information, the tales had made a great deal of upheaval in the Bachchans family, particularly in the ‘cheerfully ever after’ of Jaya Bachchan. To such an extent that, Jaya ji had restricted Amitabh Bachchan from working with actress Rekha.

There are times when connecting up tales become the superb gossip of tinsel town, however, Jaya had kept her quiet during those difficult times. In an interview with People’s Magazine, Jaya had uncovered her deepest feelings out on her better half’s linkups with co-star. She had shared, “If there was any, he would have been somewhere else, na? People liked them as a couple on-screen, and that’s fine. The media tried linking him with every one of his heroines. My life would have been hell if I had taken it all seriously. We are made of sterner stuff.”

We recall how on Simi Garewal’s show, Rekha had acknowledged her affection for him. At the point when Simi Garewal had asked her, “Did Rekha love Amitabh?” To this, Rekha had said, “Totally! Duh, that is a dumb question!” And then she proceeded to sum up that statement byy saying, “I’m on the way across a man, lady, kid, who can’t resist the urge to fall totally, enthusiastically, madly, insanely and desperately in love with him. So for what reason would it be advisable for me to be singled out?”

In a meeting with Stardust magazine, Rekha had shared a story from her life. She had said, “At an honor work some time prior, I’d discussed a couple of lines. Everybody envisioned they were intended for him, however, it was for Jaya.” She had discussed similar lines and had said, “At an award function some time ago, I’d recited a few lines. Everyone imagined they were meant for him, but actually, it was for Jaya.” She had recited the same lines and had said, “I looked at you, you turned your face away. Why? You feel you are badly off, but can’t you see my position is worse? There is deep hurt in your gaze, but can’t you see that the wounds in my heart are deeper than your look?”

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