Sushmita Sen Reveals Why She Adopted Daughter Renee At 24, “I Was Selfish And…”

Sushmita Sen is known for shattering the societal stereotypes and barriers. She won the Miss Universe tag in 1994 and has been shadowing every girl with her beauty ever since. When she was just 24, she adopted her first daughter Renee despite all the talks. She was shunned for adopting at such an early age and that too without marriage but she never paid any paid any heed to anything. Now her daughter is all grown up and she has talked about the reason she decided to adopt her.

In an old interview with Femina, Sushmita Sen stated that she was so nervous when she brought the girl home. She was quoted saying, “The night before I brought her home, I was throwing up all through the night – nervous as a bride. That night, I had decided I was going to be a mother – but I didn’t know-how. I kept asking how will I do this… Now, everything works.”

Talking about how Renee will always be her top priority, Sushmita had said back then, “Tomorrow, or whenever I do choose to marry, Renee will always be my first child. She will take her place as the first of my children, the eldest of the siblings. And I’m not afraid of telling her that unlike other children, she has been born from my heart.”

She further shared the dream she had for Renee. Sen stated, “I dream for her already. I want her to learn ballet and to play the piano – because it will her grace and a fine ear, not for any vicarious fulfilment. I want her to have her own point of view, to know her mind. Which is why I do things other mothers would not do. I let her decide when to eat, how much to eat. If she throws a tantrum, I let her.”

Talking about why she adopted a girl, Sushmita said, “I hate it when people say, ‘What a noble thing she’s done’. I haven’t done it to be noble. It’s an insult to Renee to say that. I have adopted her for myself. Because I’m selfish and wanted to enjoy motherhood. It’s a great experience and we are both enjoying it – Renee and me.”

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