Sushant Singh Rajput was a good soul but it seems us was way more intellectual than the society he lived in and that consumed his life. However, till the time he was in TV, especially doing the show Pavitra Rishta, he was doing great and was a super jolly and fun person. How do we know that? There have been many of his co-stars who have talked about the same. And now, we have one of his Pavitra rishta co-star Jay Thakkar who put out a post on his social media handle to share a random incident that he remembers as a great memory of Sushant.

On June 14, Jay shared a couple of pictures with the late actor while remembering him. Jay had written alongside the picture, “Almost 11 years ago, when I played the role of @sushantsinghrajput bhaiyaa’s little brother in one of my childhood shows-‘PAVITRA RISHTA’ on Zee Tv, Sushant bhaiyaa used to steal away home/mom-made THEPLAAS from my tiffin box DAILY which my mom used to bring along with her on-set. Since this was happening for a couple of weeks back then, so my mom asked someone on-set if they’d eaten my theplaa and was quite worried.”

“So one day, during our night shoot, Sushi bhaiyaa himself came up and confessed to my mom that he had eaten my mom’s theplaa from my tiffin box because he used to miss his own mom, and mom-made food and saying that he apologized to my mom.Since then, my mom used to bake and bring THEPLAAS for Sushant bhaiyaa too for a year on-set and he began to call my mom as his ‘Mom’ on-set. What an unbelievable & upsetting tragedy! My mom and I still miss you too much Sushant bhaiya and I had a greatttt time being ur onscreen lil brother for a year. May your soul REST IN PEACE!,” read the caption further.