Sonam Kapoor Supports Kangana Ranaut; Actress Hits Back For Comparing Her Struggles To A Druggie’ Rhea

Kangana Ranaut’s office was wrecked by BMC authorities yesterday. The move was made to wreck the ‘unlawful developed bit’ of her office space situated at Pali Hill, Bandra. BMC’s move saw numerous Bollywood celebs turning out on the side of the entertainer. After the’s who of B-Town, Sonam Kapoor loaned her help to the Manikarnika entertainer. However, that doesn’t appear to go down well with Ms Ranaut. In her answer to Sonam, Kangana requested that her not contrast her and Rhea Chakraborty. Rhea was sent to 14 days of legal care subsequent to being captured by NCB in the medication edge test connected to Sushant Singh Rajput.

Fashionista Sonam Kapoor re-tweeted Dia Mirza’s tweet with Mahatma Gandhi’s statement and expressed, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” But it appears as, Sonam olive branch didn’t appear to go down well with the entertainer. Kangana hit back at Kapoor and said her battles shouldn’t be contrasted and Rhea Chakraborty. Kangana Tweeted, “All of sudden mafia bimbos have started to seek justice for Rhea ji through my house tragedy, my fight is for people don’t compare my struggles to a small time druggie who was living off a vulnerable and broken, self made super star, stop this right away.”

Tweeting on the side of Kangana, Dia Mirza had prior tweeted “Condemn the demolition of Kangana’s office. Condemn the harassment and abuse against Rhea. This is not about taking sides. This is about calling out what is unjust. Remember this could happen to you.”

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