Some Lesser Known Facts About Bigg Boss Contestant Hindustani Bhau, We Bet You Never Knew

If you don’t live under the rocks and check social media every now and then you must recognize him. Hindustani Bhau is one of the most popular You Tubers of India. He rose to fame when he uploaded his first video on YouTube which got viral in no time. Here are some facts about him that will leave you in a state of shock:

Hindustani Bhau’s real name is Vikas Jayaram Pathak who hasn’t disclosed his real age yet but was born on August 7. Not many know that before becoming a successful You Tuber he was a journalist by profession and was working as a crime reporter. In fact, he was also awarded the title of ‘best chief crime reporter’ in the year 2011.

Coming to his education he is a graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and he has done his schooling from St. Andrews High School. He is also associated with various NGO’s such as Aditya Yuva Pratishthan which is named after his son. He has also got his son’s name inked on his right hand.

Apart from this, he has struggled a lot due to the financial crisis. He also took up odd jobs to earn a living. He has a huge fan base and people find his videos very entertaining. In his videos, he usually talks against Pakistan.

Currently, he is in the Bigg Boss house and has emerged as one of the strongest contestants. His fans have already declared him as the winner of the season. Recently Hindustani Bhau’s wife was in the news as she had filed a complaint against fake people claiming to be their relatives. Apparently, there are many fake people in the world of the web who are claiming to be his family members. And his wife is now frustrated with all this.

Bhau’s (Vikas Fhatak) wife Ashwini has filed a complaint against all those people who are pretending to be his relatives in society. In the letter, she has warned the media and publications to not fall prey to them and not indulge in any type of conversation with them. Also, she mentioned in her letter of these fake people trying to tarnish her husband’s image by posting videos carrying false info about him on the social media platform. Read her letter below-

We really hope Hindustani Bhau comes out as a winner of this season!

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