Shraddha Kapoor Requests More Pizza from Paparazzi, Promises Treat Soon: ‘I Was Very Hungry

Actress Shraddha Kapoor isn’t shy about her love for food, much like her character in “Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar.” Through delightful Instagram videos, she often treats her fans to glimpses of her indulging in her favorite snacks.

Pizza Party with Paparazzi

In a heartwarming moment on Monday, Shraddha Kapoor shared a light-hearted interaction with the paparazzi while enjoying pizza with them in Mumbai. A video posted on a paparazzo’s Instagram account captured the adorable exchange.

Crashing the Pizza Party

The video shows Shraddha gatecrashing a paparazzi pizza party outside the Pinkvilla Screen and Style Icons Awards 2024. In a sweet gesture, she asks, “Ek extra hai kya. Main le lu pukka?” (Do you have some extra? Are you sure I can take it?) as she notices the crowd enjoying pizza. Despite posing for pictures, Shraddha rushes to the group to request a treat.

In another video, Shraddha expresses her gratitude to the paparazzi for their kindness. The online response to the gesture has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans praising Shraddha for her down-to-earth nature. She leaves the venue with a promise to treat the paparazzi the next time they meet, mentioning, “Mujhe bahot bhook lagi thi” (I was very hungry).


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Friendship with Paparazzi

Known for her camaraderie with the paparazzi, Shraddha often engages in fun banter with them. Recently, she included them in her 37th birthday celebrations by cutting a cake with them, further cementing her bond with the photography enthusiasts.

In essence, Shraddha Kapoor’s candid pizza moment not only showcases her love for food but also highlights her genuine and humble nature, endearing her even more to her fans and the paparazzi alike.

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