Bigg Boss 14 winner Siddharth Shukla’s untimely demise has left us shaken to the core. The 40-year-old actor passed away after suffering a massive heart attack. His death has sent shockwaves across the entertainment industry and people close to him are still trying to come to terms with his untimely demise especially his ladylove Shehnaaz Gill. All those who have visited Siddharth’s house have revealed that Shehnaaz was devastated after Sidharth’s sudden death.

But now Shehnaaz Gill is hell-bent on getting her life back on track. She was currently in London advertising for his upcoming Punjabi film “Honsla Rakh” with Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa. Several pictures and videos of Shehnaaz Gill have surfaced online, showing her silent and not usual chirpy self, yet strong enough to face the world.

In one of the interviews where the three actors were asked to reveal each other’s weaknesses. While Diljit and Sonam tried to dodge the question Shehnaaz chose to head in. Talking about Diljit Dosanjh’s shortcomings, Shehnaaz Gill said, “He has a cool personality and I thought it will be fun to work with him. But he is very reserved and very professional. He doesn’t let you enter into his comfort zone at first. I told him that next time we work together, create that comfort zone with me. We don’t talk and we are directly on camera and it is tough for me. If you talk first, it becomes easier.”

Shehnaaz then went on to say that Sonam was a bit reserved and had filters in place. Sonam Bajwa acknowledged the fact that she does take some good amount of time to open up to others and said that is a quality few people have, pointing at Shehnaaz.

Diljit then went on to joke that he felt he was in Bigg Boss, Shehnaaz named that ‘the real test’. “This is why I was the queen, I was the heroine of Bigg Boss 13,” Shehnaaz said with a smile on her face. Sonam Bajwa then called her the hero and Shehnaaz interrupted her by saying, “I was the heroine of Bigg Boss, hero was someone else.”