Shehnaaz Gill, the girl who made the entire season of Bigg Boss 13 fun and bearable, is one of the beloved of all the people. She has come out to be a down to Earth girl who is devoid of any filters in her real life. Now, we all know how bad Shehnaaz gill was at speaking English and a video of her trying to speak in English is so hilarious, you won’t be able to control your laughter.

Shehnaaz Gill video

The video starts with Shehnaaz saying, ‘Hello friends,’ but as soon as she begins speaking, she bursts into laughter. The person who is recording her video says, ‘How many times do I teach her to speak properly.’ To which Shehnaaz replied, ‘Yaar, I don’t know to speak English. Every time I try my tongue slips and I can’t articulate words.’ However, the person motivates her, and Sana gives it another try.

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In an interview with Pinkvilla, Shehnaaz expressed her concern about people forgetting her. She said, “People might forget me, the new Bigg Boss might come soon, because the craze is rather short-lived and so, I wanted to work. None the less, it is okay and if people find me talented and remember me, I will get work if people think I am fit for it and if I have good luck. If I like something, I will definitely do it, but if I don’t like it, money is not what matters to me, but the good work that counts. I think on the spot and that is how my decisions are taken, and I don’t have any plan.”

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