Shahid Kapoor’s Mom Neelima Azeem Talks About Impulsive Choices Impacting Her Sons’ Decisions

Neliima Azeem first married Pankaj Kapur in 1979 and both of them separated ways in 1984. Neliima and Pankaj Kapur welcomed Shahid Kapoor in 1981. Neliima later married Rajesh Khatter in 1991 and in 2001 the couple separated after Ishaan was born in 1995. Later, Neliima married Raza Ali Khan in 2004 but she once again decided to end their marriage in 2009. Whereas, her ex-husbands, Pankaj and Rakesh moved on and married their lovers. Recently, Neliima opened up about her kids learning a few things from her own life. She talked about how after seeing her take certain choices and then not having it work out, her kids Shahid and Ishaan Khatter must have learnt from them.

While speaking with Bollywood Bubble, Neliima Azeem said, “I sometimes even would like to say that maybe children who are watching us taking certain choices and then having those mighty falls might decide to be more stable than us.” She added that she would like to give credit to her kids, and not grab the limelight by saying that they learnt all wonderful things they saw in her. She mentioned that her kids also saw some flaws in her, and decided that they wouldn’t inculcate this. “So, they must have even learnt from my pitfalls and my impulsive or wrong, silly choices or whatever you may say. In a complete sense, in a larger perspective, I have been there for them,” she said.

She further spoke about her bond with her daughter-in-law Mira Rajput, and how she is more of a friend to Neliima, than a daughter-in-law. Neliima was all praise for Mira, and called her an extremely intelligent individual who is kind, and understanding. Neliima said, “She is somebody who doesn’t try to get her attention or seek that highlight, she’s just not a brat. She’s well-brought-up.”

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