Sanjeeda Shaikh took a journey with her daughter, Ayra. Harshvardhan Rane, the former’s reported boyfriend, is rumoured to join them. The actress recently posted some stunning images of her and her adorable child relaxing in a pool while on vacation to her Instagram account. The actress previously released a video in which she was seen going on a jungle safari. Harshvardhan Rane, Sanjeeda’s reputed boyfriend, posted a photo of himself in the same place, which he geotagged as Gir forest in Gujrat. This post caught everyone’s attention.

Sanjeeda Shaikh took her daughter, Ayra with her rumoured boyfriend, Harshvardhan on a jungle safari

In accordance with Sanjeeda’s social media post, the actress is currently savouring the festive spirit with her mother and daughter. She published snippets of the same on her social media accounts. She wore an enormous white blouse with denim trousers in the most recent video Sanjeed released. With a large hat, she finished off her ensemble. Ayra, her daughter, was seen sporting a pair of coordinated black and white striped clothing. In their separate OOTDs, mommy and daughter looked adorable and killed it. People are now speculating that Harshvardhan travelled with Sanjeeda and her daughter after noticing that he has been posting vacation photos from the same location.

When Sanjeed Shaikh dropped pool pictures with her 3-year-old baby girl

On June 15, 2023, Sanjeeda posted a nice picture of herself and her daughter vacationing hard on her Instagram account. The mother-daughter pair could be seen relaxing in the pool in the photo. Ayra, Sanjeeda’s daughter, looked lovely in a blue monokini while Sanjeeda looked stunning in a contrasting bikini. People stopped to look at the image and exclaimed, “Awwdorable!”

Sanjeeda Shaikh’s marriage and divorce from ex-husband, Aamir Ali

Sanjeeda and Aamir Ali were previously married, for the uninitiated. The couple got married in 2012 and had their daughter, Ayra, through surrogacy in 2019. The pair chose to split up in 2020 after spending eight years together for reasons they both knew best. They separated from one other in 2022 and signed divorce papers. But he admitted to being unable to meet their daughter Arya in an interview with The Times of India. Speaking on the same, Aamir said that out of respect for his ex-partner, he wishes to keep a respectful silence. Aamir added that he is confident his daughter Ayra would receive the best care. 

Sanjeeda Shaikh’s speculated relationship with her co-star, Harshvardhan Rane

Sanjeeda Shaikh and Harshvardhan Rane, the co-star of Taish, have been linked to one another for a very long time. Although they never explicitly stated it, it has been rumoured that Sanjeeda and Harshvardhan’s friendship was what led to the former and Aamir’s divorce.