Over the past few years, the cases of theft and robbery are increasing in the Bollywood celebs’ houses. The recent victim of such kind of theft or robbery is Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan. As per the reports, a 30-year-old house help has allegedly stolen Arpita’s diamond earrings from her house in the Khar area in Mumbai. It is said that the earring is quite expensive and after filing the complaint the police immediately started searing.

Arpita Khan’s Diamond Earrings Stolen

Arpita Khan diamond earrings got stolen

According to a source, the jewelry theft occurred on May 16, Tuesday. Arpita Khan informed police that she had stored her earrings in her make-up tray and had gone missing from there. According to India Today, Arpita stated that the earrings were valued at Rs 5 lakhs. The 30-year-old male, who works as a housekeeper in Arpita’s Khar residence, was subsequently detained by the authorities.

Arpita Khan house help arrested for stealing

Arpita Khan house help arrest for robbery

Later, Arpita Khan’s earrings were recovered from the house help’s house and he was booked under IPC section 381 for stealing and robbery. It is being reported that the arrested house help had recently joined the house some four months back and had run away after stealing Arpita’s jewellery.

Sandip Hegde, the accused, took diamond-studded gold earrings from Arpita’s 17th-floor apartment in Khar. As soon as Arpita discovered the theft. She reported the incident to the police. Sandip was taken into custody in Thane.

Earlier, a similar incident was registered at Sonam Kapoor’s Delhi house where her family’s jewellery went missing.