Salman Khan Reveals His Longest Relationship, Says, “This Is The Only Relationship Of My Life Which Has Lasted So Long”

Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan is set to return to his hosting duties for Bigg Boss, which will see the premiere of its 15th edition on October 2. The actor said that his over-a-decade-long association with the popular reality show is his “only relationship” that has lasted for so long. Salman, whose relationships have been of keen interest to the people, has been hosting Bigg Boss since 2010’s Season 4.

In a video message shown to the press during a Bigg Boss 15 special event at the Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh, Salman said that the Colors’ longest-running reality show brings a certain “permanency” in his life.

“My relationship with Bigg Boss is perhaps my only relationship that has lasted this long. Bigg Boss has brought certain permanency in my life. Though sometimes for those four months we don’t see eye to eye but when we are parting ways (after a season’s end) we are desperate to reunite,” the 55-year-old actor said.

Further talking about the similarity between him and Bigg Boss, Salman said, in a lighter vein, “We both are unmarried. We both can think of ourselves as boss without any interference. Bigg Boss chahte hai and main bhi chahta hu. But mujhe jo chahiye woh nahi milta (I don’t get what I want). I wish Colors gives me a hike soon.”

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