Rashami Desai’s Ex Arhaan Khan Withdrew Lakhs From Her Account While She Was Inside BB House? Desai’s Bank Satement Leaked

Rashami Desai broke up with Arhaan Khan after Salman Khan exposed his truth to Rashmi about his marriage and child when they were inside the Bigg Boss house. Later, Arhaan Khan was accused of withdrawing money from her account without her knowledge. And this controversy has again made its way to social media after some images of Rashmi Desai’s bank statement were circulated by her fans.

Rashmi Desai’s fans are sharing images of Rashmi Desai’s bank statement which says Rashmi Desai’s ex-boyfriend Arhaan Khan has widhrew lakhs from her account while she was inside the BB house. While we are not sure of the authenticity of these apparent bank statements as they are being made viral by Rashmi’s fans. As per the images the name of the account holder is Shivani Ajay Kumar Desai which is said to be Rashmi’s original name.

Sharing the images of the bank account which apparently belongs to Rashmi Desai, all her fans have started a trend #FraudArhaanKhan asking him to return her money. A fan of Rashmi Desai wrote on Twitter, “@imArhaanKhan Apologise to Rashami Desai & return her all the money you took without her consent. Such a thief! Thodi toh insaaniyat dikhao! #FraudArhaanKhan.”

“Today an independent lady #RashamiDesai who was saved by #SalmanKhan once again need our support..Rashami has fallen into depression, she is worried and she is facing threats from that [email protected] fraud @imArhaanKhan ..We Rashamians will protect her from this sw!ne. #fraudarhaankhan.”

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