Ram Kapoor Talks About Relationship With Dad Post His Death, “We Bonded A Lot Ans Had Long Conversations”

Ram Kapoor’s father, Anil Kapoor passed away on April 15 after battling cancer. Ram Kapoor shared the news of his father’s demise on his Instagram handle and called him a true legend. In a recent interview, Ram Kapoor opened up about his equation with his father and stated that they went from having a rocky relationship to becoming best buddies. He also revealed how they bonded over the last few years.

The actor was quoted saying by Times Of India, “Both he and I had busy careers and it was challenging to be physically present and share common things. But, we bonded a lot over phone calls and long conversations, which lasted for 2-3 hours. We used to fight, argue and have the best advice for each other. It is because we kept our work lives separate and were self-reliant, we became such a close father-son duo.”

During the interview, Ram Kapoor also revealed why he never used his dad’s name to get work even though he was a big name in the advertising area. “I was highly inspired by Nicolas Cage, a Hollywood star who is also the nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola, but he never took the surname and created his own identity.” He further added that it took him ten years to impress him, and “from a rocky relationship that I shared with him during those initial years, we went on to become great buddies. He used to proudly tell people how I was his best friend.”

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