Rakhi Sawant Reveals How She Got Bigg Boss 14, Says, ‘She Went Bankrupt And Asked Sohail Khan For Work’

Rakhi Sawant who is also known as controversy queen has entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as a challenger along with other former contestants. She is trying her best to get everyone’s attention with her antics in the Bigg Boss house. When Rakhi Sawant was asked why she participated in the Bigg Boss. To which she revealed that she has gone bankrupt and needed money. In an interview with Times Of India, Rakhi Sawant stated that she doesn’t want to waste the opportunity that she has been given, and thanked Sohail Khan who helped her get into Bigg Boss 14.

Rakhi Sawant says Sohail Khan helped her to get Bigg Boss 14

During the interview, Rakhi Sawant stated that she has made ‘mistakes’ in life, because of which she went bankrupt. She said that she hopes to get more work after her Bigg Boss stint. “I went bankrupt in life and lost everything in life and now Bigg Boss is my opportunity to shine. I want to make a place once again in everyone’s heart and work in Bollywood,” she said.

Rakhi further revealed that Sohail Khan helped her get into Bigg Boss after she asked him for work. “Sohail bhai (Khan) helped me a lot. Salman sir’s brother helped me. I had messaged him that bhai I want to work in the industry and want to do Bigg Boss. I don’t feel shy to ask for work. Once even Mr Amitabh Bachchan had asked the top production houses for work. I had messaged Sohail bhai and asked for work in 2020 and I think he might have spoken to Salman sir.”

She added, “I am not confident but the way things happened I feel he might have passed my message. I had messaged a thank you note to Sohail bhai and had thanked Salman sir also. He told me that Sohail loves you a lot and I thanked him again. He helped me. Salman sir is very busy, so I had contacted Sohail bhai with a hope that he might help me, and I feel lucky they gave me a chance.”

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