CA exams which was deferred due to the ongoing pandemic situation . The ICAI have decided to conduct it between july 5 and july 20 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 pm , following all the norms keeping in mind safety of the students. The Supreme court have given the permission to ICAI  to conduct the exams but also directed some gudelines also.

Before ICAI have made mandatory for the candidates to carry RT-PCR certificate but now they can take medical examination certificate as an alternative.If the candidates are medically fit then they can sit in the exam. Earlier ICAI was emphasising on RT-PCR report to give exam but now Suprems have given the option , if the candidate is medically fit then they can give the exam.

Supreme court have also given an option for opt-out facility if the candidates have also given an option to avail this facility if they or their family member have suffered from COVID-19. And after geting this opt out facility, then this attempt will not be counted . And that candidate will be permitted to appear in next exam also such candidate shall be permitted to repeat old and new course in 2021 .




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