Bigg Boss 13 was certainly one of the most successful seasons of the Bigg Boss franchise so far and it was none other than the contestants who made it possible. All the fights, yelling, name-calling, and romances led to the success of the season but how much were these relationships as well as the grudges from inside the house carried out? While many contestants have not yet met with each other, we saw Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma getting along really well.

Now, during Instagram Live chat with Pinkvilla, Paras Chhabra laughed off when a user asked him about his marriage plans with Mahira Sharma. He reacted to it saying, “Yeh kab hua? (When did this happen). If Mahira and I are destined to get hitched, then we might just end up tying the knot in the next 21 days of lockdown. So, if we’re bound to be together it might just happen.”

Talking about the cutest and most popular couple of Bigg Boss 13, without any second thought many would take Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma’s name and they looked super adorable together. Well, now that the biggest reality show BB 13 is over, many BB lovers are feeling empty and missing their favourite contestants and fan pages often shared #tb videos of them as well. More than Bigg Boss, fans are missing #PaHira cutest moments.

We have brought some exciting news for all the Pahira fans for those of you thinking that they are not meeting each other but, they are longing to watch Paras and Mahira’s awe-inspiring bond again on screen and it is what the big news is. And it looks like the producers have heard the fans’ requests, as they’re all set to reunite these lovebirds once again. Yes, they might even do a film together!