Desi Mentality of Indian Parents when it comes to girls “Do whatever you like but after marriage”

We are in the 21st century still the mentality of Indian society and indian parents have not changed much . Male dominating society still exist and infact exist in the roots of our society and also the mentality of our society upto great extent. Today literacy rate is higher than before but still the people have not changed their mentality especially in respect of woman who still taken as a weak , burden in the society.

Woman are doing great in every field but still they are taken as backward. When ever the question comes to them to freely enjoy their life they are always said by their parents ” do whatever you like but after you get married” . So it seems like their life is limited to marriage only . They will get the license to enjoy their life only after they after marriage with their husband. Be it going out with their friends , getting education, doing job, etc .

Boys are not said like this, restriction are not imposed on them . Both girls and boys should be treated equally in fair manner and let girls also enjoy their life with full enthusiasm as boys live their life. Today scenario have changed also like people have started educating their daughter also but somewhere the sick mentality still exist because of the existence of partiarchy in our society.

So girls should also get the chance to live independently and happy before and after marriage also.


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