The late Bollywood star Rishi Kapoor is known for causing a stir with her tweets both online and off-site. Recalling one such incident during her recent appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show, Neetu Kapoor once revealed that a tweet posted by Rishi Kapoor made everyone angry. So much so that they broke into his bungalow in Mumbai.

“There were 300 people on the road, there was a police truck and they were shouting ‘Rishi Kapoor, haaye haaye (Down with Rishi Kapoor)’ and all that. Maine bola yeh kya ho gaya (I wondered what had happened), I got damn scared,” Neetu said on the show.

Later, a police inspector came up to her and asked Neetu to inform Rishi about the repercussion his tweets create and advised the star to go a little mellow, as far as his social media habits were concerned. “Mereko itna gussa aaya, maine kaha chalo mere saath (I was so furious, I asked the inspector to come with me) and tell him what is happening here. He should know, tabhi band karenge (only then will he put a stop to it),” Neetu added.

But even then the unwelcome Rishi replied that it took courage to show the world what he really felt. Then, when the couple was threatened with death, Rishi Kapoor decided to downplay the significance of his tweets.

Neetu also talks about Rishi’s love for food and how she would stop talking to him at all in order to force him to go on a diet. She revealed, “Main baat nahi karti thi 6-6 mahine. Ke pehle aap patle ho, phir main baat karungi (I would not talk to him for six months at a stretch, I would tell him to lose weight first and then I would speak with him).” Eventually, he used to give in. She added that he would then say, ‘Achcha, bata, kya Karna hai (Okay, tell me what I have to do).’ Neetu added that it was a temporary phase and he would go back to his old habits soon enough.

Rishi Kapoor passed away on April 30, 2020, after fighting a long battle with cancer.