Mouni Roy Gets Trolled As She Forgets Passport At Home, Netizen Says ‘Paps Ko Call Krna Yad Tha’

Mouni Roy Gets Trolled As She Forgets Passport At Home, Netizen Says 'Paps Ko Call Krna Yad Tha'

Bollywood actress Mouni Roy recently found herself in an embarrassing situation when she forgot to bring her passport while leaving for an international trip. Netizens wasted no time in trolling the actress, suggesting that she should have not called the paparazzi and instead focused on carrying such an important travel document. Let’s take a closer look at the incident and the subsequent online reactions.

The Passport Mishap:

In a video shared by paparazzi, Mouni Roy could be seen making a stylish entry at the airport. The actress kept her A game on in styling and looked gorgeous in a blue and white co-ord set. However, she was stopped by security at the entrance and was asked to show her passport. The actress checked her bag and realised she has forgot to carry the document.

Mouni Roy, known for her roles in movies and television shows, was scheduled to travel abroad when she realized that she had left her passport at home. It is not uncommon for people to forget things in the rush of travel preparations, but being a public figure, Mouni’s oversight caught the attention of social media users.


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What more garnered attention was that the actress still requested security to enter the airport. The netizens didn’t spare the action of the actress. Many took to the comment section and said that rules are equal for celebrities.

Online Trolling Begins:

As news of Mouni Roy’s passport blunder spread, netizens took to various social media platforms to express their amusement and mock the actress. Many users jokingly commented that instead of worrying about her passport, Mouni should have called the paparazzi to capture her forgetful moment.

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