SHOCKING! Shahrukh Khan Reveals He Once Wanted To Jump From The Balcony, Here’s Who Saved Him

We all know that Shahrukh Khan is the co-owner of Indian Premier League franchise along with actress Juhi Chawla. Shahrukh Khan is very dedicated to sports and revealed that he was once about to jump off the balcony but his daughter held him back.

Talking about how he has been there supporting his team KKR in a very different way, Shahrukh Khan said on Star Sports show Cricket Connected said,  “I was just hanging there, waving my arms from my balcony. So, when we won it, it was a vindication of belief because a lot of people started telling me to sell the team, which I never would. And I don’t say that out of evil, I said it out of belief and confidence.”

Reminiscing the time when KKR won its first match Shahrukh revealed that he almost lost his cool and about to jump from his balcony, he said, “Actually, the first match we won, I was going to jump from my balcony, but I think my kids, I think it was my daughter (Suhana) who caught me. I could have flown that night, but I settled at home”.

Morever, the actor also went on to reveal that he never gave his team any “Chak De India” type of lessons. He was talking about his role of Kabir Khan from the movie “Chak De India” where he played an coach of an women’s hockey team, that goes on to win the World Cup under his guidance. His70 min pep talk to his team just before the match started has become quite the iconic scene of the year. Talking about it he said, “I have been a sportsman all my life at a very small level, so I have never really given them some Chak De! India kind of lectures. I have never done that.”

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