Mira Rajput Plays The Piano, Reveals She Practices Every Evening Once Her Kids Are Asleep: WATCH!!!

Mira Rajput Kapoor shared a video of herself playing the piano flawlessly and explained her method of practice. We now think that traditional love still exists because of Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Rajput Kapoor. Shahid, the chocolate boy of B-town, was betrayed by the 21-year-old Delhi-based Mira in 2015. Despite having a 13-year age difference and coming from very different backgrounds, Shahid and Mira are a natural match.

Shahid and Mira are the devoted parents of Misha and Zain, and they have been married for seven years. Snippets of their happy marriage can frequently be seen on each of their social media accounts. Shahid had tweeted a cute photo of himself and Mira from one of their holidays along with the caption: “7 years! “7 down baby. Happy anni you made it through 7 hard long years. You are a survivor. You a LEGEND.”

Mira Rajput has distinguished herself in the internet sphere as a wellness enthusiast, so she is more than simply a famous wife. On September 30, 2022, Mira posted a video of herself playing the piano for her followers on Instagram. Mira said that she has been practising the same thing after her children had fallen asleep. She wrote as her post’s caption: “Somewhere over the rainbow. Back to playing the piano and getting the hang of it. I learnt this off a YouTube tutorial but I realise I prefer reading music to watching it being played! Every evening once the kids are asleep and I’m done with the day, I’ve been practicing… I think I’ve found my spot.”

Mira Rajput shared a few piano pieces in 2021, Mira revealed a skill she had been hiding. She also included a video in which she discussed how she abandoned piano lessons and now regrets them. She could have captioned it: “Here’s something you didn’t know about me. I can play the piano! Well, I’m out of practice, but I can read music, play my scales and play by ear. I can’t wait to get back to playing! I hated my lessons so much, probably because they were geared towards examinations but now I regret giving them up! Anytime I see a piano I can’t help but sit down and start playing. But it’s the same few pieces that I still remember. Now I think I should get back to it!”

Her husband Shahid Kapoor was then shown in the video waiting patiently for her to finish. The text underneath the video began to read: as soon as Shahid appeared: “Husband photobomb. He waited till I played Bekhayali too.”

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