Meditation the master key of life

Meditation is the practice in which an individual train his mind how to remain cool, calm and attain mental clarity in different areas of his life. In this , a person uses the tools like mindfulness or focusing on one object. Meditation gives us clarity in various aspects of our life.

But doing meditation is not a easy task because when number of thoughts and worries are going on in our mind which doesn’t allow our mind to stay calm and to focus on one thing and do this practice. Meditation doesn’t make us new or some different person but it makes us a better person.

Meditation is not about turning off our thoughts but its about understanding what your mind and heart is saying , understanding your own feelings and take initiatives according to it . In today’s stressful world meditation have become the most important aspect of our life because we are so much busy in our day to day life which ultimately leading to stress , anxiety etc .

We should start mediating by sitting at a peaceful place and start doing it on daily which will ultimately become our habit. It helps in improving our mental as well physical health, reduce stress, control anxiety, promotes emotional health, inculcate kindness, improves sleep, etc. So overall meditation plays a key role in our life .


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