Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient(EQ) is the way how we manage our emotions when we stressed ,how we understand our emotions ,feelings and take necessary actions. It not only helps us to build stronger relations but also brings harmony within us to cope up with the situation.

The emotional quotient (EQ) is as important as intelligence quotient(IQ) . As intelligence quotient is a measure of person’s reasoning ability whereas emotional intelligence is how the person perceive and control his feelings. In order to be successful in life one must have EQ as well with IQ otherwise he or she will not be emotionally fulfilled. EQ plays a very integral role in our life.

Emotional intelligence helps in various parts of our life like it helps in maintaining physical as well as mental health , improves our performance at workplace as well as at home also, help in staying positive and happy all the time by understanding the situation , helps in good interpersonal communication etc.

Emotional intelligence can be attained through mindfulness, listening and understanding others, self awareness, social awareness, relationship management. So one must work on attaining emotional intelligence


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