Mallika Sehrawat Reveals That She Lost The Film ‘Welcome Back’ To Director’s Girlfriend

We all know that it’s not easy to survive in Bollywood until and unless you come from a family filmy background. Having connections and a strong network in the industry determines the projects you will get to showcase your talent. One such incident has now been revealed by Mallika Sehrawat who is better known for movies ‘Murder’ and ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’.

Mallika Sehrawat in an interview opened about the ‘only reason’ she lost on a film Welcome Back was that the director wanted to cast his girlfriend by replacing her.  The movie was a sequel hit film Welcome, which was released in the year 2007. Mallika had played a pivotal role in the movie alongside actors such as Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Paresh Rawal, Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Mallika said, ‘Welcome ka sequel banega toh director apni girlfriend ko hi dalega na usmein. Welcome 2 bana toh usmein apni girlfriend ko daal diya batao, ab main kya karun (If a sequel of Welcome is made, then the director will only cast his girlfriend. When Welcome 2 was made, he cast his girlfriend in the film. What do I do now)?”

She continued further and added, “But this is true. When they make a sequel they cast their girlfriend, the hero casts his girlfriend, what do I do then? I don’t have any boyfriend in Bollywood, I have never been with any actor, director or producer. With me like this is my work, if you think I am worthy of your project I would love to be a part of it. But if a director or a producer or an actor – if they want to cast their girlfriends then it’s their choice,” before adding, “What should I do? That is the only reason I lost out (on Welcome Back),” she told.

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