Malaika Arora Believes That Modelling Is Tough, Wants To Convince Parents That It’s A Full Fledged Career

Today, Malaika Arora is a known name in the Bollywood industry who is also a fitness enthusiast. She is one of the divas who have wonderfully balanced her personal life, responsibilities, and career. But coming from a modeling background it wasn’t easy for Malaika to make a space for herself in the cut throat entertainment industry. Over the years, Malaika has spoken about various issues including body positivity.

In her recent interviews, Malaika opened about the time when she had started her modeling career. “It was tough at a young age. It was very challenging. I came with no expectations. I thought it was a great opportunity to make some quick pocket money. I never realized that eventually, it will become a career,” she said.

The diva also revealed about the women who have auditioned for the modeling show she is hosting, “Some would not say a word, some have never faced the camera, never put on make-up or have done their hair. Some girls come from such small backgrounds that they aren’t even allowed to leave their homes or have so many restrictions. To actually see them come out of their shells is really amazing,” she said.

Malaika also feels that the modeling industry has got better from the times when she had started and now one can make a full-fledged career in modeling. “We have these conversations when girls say that they want to make a career in modeling. And their parents say, ‘what rubbish you are wasting your time. I want to tell a lot of parents. ‘that don’t think that you can’t make a career out of it’. It’s a proper full-fledged career. I have made a career out of it and so have many others,” she said.

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