Kriti Sanon’s Nose Transformation Is Winning Hearts Of The Netizens; Fans Are Applauding Her Looks

Kriti Sanon is one of Bollywood’s most well-known actresses. Kriti has effectively made a name for herself in the market via hard work and skill. Every day, the actress makes news for a variety of reasons. A Reddit user recently published ‘before and now’ images of Kriti, and netizens are certain that she has had a nose operation. Others, on the other hand, admired her makeover.

“It’s good work,” one Reddit member said. “Certainly, but the job she has done is really delicate and tastefully done,” remarked another. It’s as if you look at her and can’t pinpoint precisely what changed, yet the difference is clear at the same time.” Another person speculated that it was due to the camera angle.

Kriti Sanon said in an old interview with Bollywood Bubble that she was chastised for her ‘nose, gummy grin, and lips’. Kriti admitted to being body-shamed, with others remarking on her nose, gummy grin, lips, and waist.

Recently, the actress was also making news for her rumored secret engagement with south superstar Kriti Sanon. However, the actress’s sister Nupur has now rubbished all the speculations and said that if there was an iota of truth to it she would have known. She further revealed that when she showed the report to Kriti she explained that it blew up after Varun Dhawan linked her name with Prabhas on national television. Kriti had also called Prabhas to clear things and when the actor asked her why Varun did that she said he is a crazy guy.

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