Karan Oberoi and Mona Singh met in the year 2006 during the shooting of the TV show ‘Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin’. After spending a lot of time with each other on the sets, the two started getting close. However, after dating for some time, the two broke up. Recently, during an interview, the actor spoke openly about his relationship with Mona Singh.

Karan Oberoi

During the interview, he revealed that he wanted to marry Mona, but the actress rejected his proposal. Recalling that time, Karan described Mona as a carefree and outspoken person, due to which he was attracted to her and wanted to marry her. He said that even though the two have broken up, he does not have any bad feelings for Mona.

Karan Oberoi and Mona Singh

When questioned about breaking up after proposing marriage, Karan said that Mona was at the peak of her career with ‘Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin’ and her fame had increased tremendously at the national level. Karan admitted that at that time he did not understand this point of view, but now he understands that she wanted to focus on her career. He said that expectations and having a different perception of someone can cause unhappiness to you. According to Karan, one can be happy by not expecting anything from others. In this conversation, Karan emphasized that Mona’s decision was completely justified.

Karan Oberoi and Mona Singh

Karan further explained how he dealt with heartbreak. The actor said that for the first few months after the breakup, he hated himself a lot. He admitted that this feeling of rejection can affect both personal and professional aspects of life. According to the actor, later he understood things and his pain subsided. To keep himself away from these things, he started writing, which helped him move forward. During the conversation, Karan said that after the breakup he never met Mona again.