Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal’s marriage has hit the rock bottom. The couple who made us believe in happily ever afters have parted ways. The ongoing feud between the two really breaks our hearts. Both Nisha and Karan are leveling serious allegations against each other while Karan accused Nisha of having bipolar disorder, Nisha accused him of being unfaithful and having an extramarital affair.

Amid the ongoing controversy, an old bedroom video of Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal has been going crazy viral. In the video, both Karan and Nisha can be seen comfortably chilling in their bedroom while Nisha asks him to discuss content while Karan seems uninterested. Nisha further says that their fans want to see them together and they should make more fun content and videos together.The video was titled as “Lockdown 1 memories”

For those who are unaware, Nisha had earlier revealed, “Karan has been having an affair with another girl, which I didn’t know about. When I came to know about it, he accepted that he has another girl in his life. I asked if he has physical relation if it’s a serious affair or an emotional one. He said ‘I love that girl. I have been having physical affair with her.” While Karan had refuted these allegations and called it baseless, “All these allegations are bound to come up and I will be linked with many people. These stories are baseless. I haven’t cheated on her and I am not having an extramarital affair.”

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