Kangana Ranaut’s Mother Broke Down And Cried Hard After The Explosive Interview, “Tum Apne Sath Gande Haadson Ko Batati Hu”

Kangana Ranaut has been very vocal about her life and the struggles she’s been through in her Bollywood journey. After the the actor Sushant Singh Rajput passed away, she has been giving explosive interviews and even giving out many videos on her social media pages about the same. Now, she gave a really explosive interview where she unveiled many dark sides of Bollywood, it’s nepotism, and the drug racket. However, this seems to have been too much for her mother to handle.

After the interview, the actress took to her Twitter handle to share how her mother has felt about the same. She said that she called her mother after the interview hoping she must’ve been really proud. However, her mother broke down stating her concern for her daughter’s marriage. She tweeted about the talk she had with her mother which read as, “कल रात माता जी को उत्सुकता से फ़ोन करके पूछा कैसा लगा इंटर्व्यू,तो वो रो पड़ी, कहने लगी मैं तुम्हारी शादी केलिए उपवास करती हूँ तुम दुनिया भर में अपने साथ हुए गंदे हादसों को बताती ही रहती हो।अब फ़ोन पे फ़ोन आ रहे हैं लगता है उनका रोने का नहीं रुलाने का इरादा है, क्या किया जाए? (Last night, I eagerly called my mother and asked how my interview was? She started crying and said that she is fasting for my wedding. You only keep talking about all the ill happenings in your life. The phone has been buzzing non-stop, and it looks like her plan is not to cry, but make me cry, what to do?”

Check out tweet:

As for the interview, Kangana Ranaut had blasted Bollywood and exposed the drug nexus prevailing in Bollywood. Let’s look forward to other interview that Kangana Ranaut has to give and expose other rackets in the industry.

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