Kangana Ranaut has been super vocal about all the industry, trying to expose the ills of the society. Now, she has come forward to talk about Anurag Kashyap who has been alleged of sexually assaulting the actress Payal Ghosh. Now, she has shared a throwback video of Anurag Kashyap where he is seen admitting to assaulting a kid as a child.

An old video of Anurag Kashyap confessing that he molested and abused a kid in childhood is going viral on the internet. In the video, Anurag Kashyap could be heard saying that he used to take a kid to the corner and slap him. It was a way to remove his frustration as he suffered the same too. The kid then complained to his parents, and Anurag was pulled up by the principal of the school, as shared by the director.

Reacting to the video, Kangana shared it on her twitter handle and wrote, “I spoke about emotional vultures/suicide gang who killed SSR and tried to push me to kill myself, many asked but why they do this to others? Listen to Anurag he is explaining how he used to molest a kid, they are people who are hurting but they think hurting others is the answer.” Watch the video below:

Anurag Kashyap video

Click here to watch the video.

After Payal Ghosh’s #MeToo allegations against Anurag Kashyap made the headlines, the filmmaker shared the statement of his lawyer on his social media accounts. The statement read, “My client, Anurag Kashyap, has been deeply pained by the false allegations of sexual misconduct that have recently surfaced against him. These allegations are completely false, malicious and dishonest. It is sad that a social movement as important as the #MeToo movement has been co-opted by vested interests and reduced to a mere tool for character assassination. Fictitious allegations of this nature seriously undermine the movement and seek to unconscionably trade upon the pain and trauma of the actual victims of sexual harassment and abuse. My client has been fully advised of his rights and remedies in law and intends to pursue them to the fullest extent.”