Jaan Kumar Sanu’s Mom Slams Rahul Vaidya For Saying He’s A Product Of Nepotism, Says, “It’s Very Disrespectful”

Bigg Boss 14 is here and the third week will have some heated things going inside the house as per the promo. The makers make sure to give some exciting content in the promo trailer to ensure more viewers for the show. In the promo of the nomination special episode, one can see Rahul Vaidya nominating Jaan Kumar Sanu. But what’s interesting is the fact that he gave the reason as nepotism while backing his decision. He went on to state that Jaan is a singer’s son while others are self-made in the house. This leads to a very heated conversation, leading to an argument between the two singers. Now, this didn’t go down very well with Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mom as well and in an interview with Spotboye, she decided to slam Rahul Vaidya for making such a statement.

The entertainment portal quoted Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mother Rita Bhattacharya saying, “If Rahul feels that Jaan is in the show because of nepotism then how come they are both on the same platform right now? If according to Rahul there is a difference between the insider and outsider then how come he is on the same platform where my son is? Jaan’s father Kumar Sanu has sung almost 23000 songs till now so being his son he must have atleast sang 23 songs in the industry with his father’s support. But aisa nahi hai kyunki Jaan ne jo kuch bhi achieve kiya hai apni badolat kiya hai. Jaan is a well trained singer and that whole world saw when a singing task was given to him and Rahul. Everybody saw how with his talent Jaan won that task. Tab Rahul ko kyun nahi yaad aaya ye nepotism? He is very proud of the fact that he is Kumar Sanu’s son but also knows that when a person takes birth, he/she doesn’t know which family they are taking birth in. It’s a very insulting and disrespectful statement from Rahul. Bhaut zyada takleef hui mujhe sunkar.”

She went on saying, “I saw a lot of videos all over the Internet where Rahul is singing in the house of India’s richest family. Jiske ghar mein vo gana gaa raha tha, he is also the son of the richest person not only in India but world also. So us waqt use nepotism yaad nahi aaya? Forget about Jaan, his father is also not a nepotism product. With his talent and hardwork he became Kumar Sanu. Taking a living legend’s name so easily in the house. Jaan’s Dad didn’t want him to go and do this show but it was Jaan’s choice as he wanted to prove himself. Inspite of knowing the fact that how well his son can sing, film indutsry mein ek music director ya composer nahi hai jinhe unhone kaha ho to give him a chance. Because we completely believe that our children have to make their own name. If they are good, public will accept it and if they are not they will not.”

Jaan’s mother Rita also mentioned about her other two sons who are in some other profession, “My eldest son is an engineer. My second son is a renowned graphic designer in his industry. And my Jaan is also equally qualified but he also had an interest in music. We pray for Music in our family. Kumar Sanu’s name is not easy, please don’t make it easy by taking his name out of insecurities. Jaan has also set his own standard and you can’t deny it. You can’t take away his talent, hard work, and achievements by using one word and that is nepotism.”

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