“Isko Darr Hai Khi Tiger…” Akshay Kumar Makes Fun Of Disha Patani’s Break Up On National Television

Akshay Kumar is the most amusing co-star any actor could ask for. But sometimes you’re not prepared for the jokes, especially the below-the-belt ones. And this time, Khiladi Kumar seems to have gone too far with his co-star Disha Patani on Kapil Sharma’s programme, when he made an oblique jab at Disha for her separation from Tiger Shroff. In the video, you can see Akshay Kumar making fun of his female co-stars. He joked about Mouni being a Naagin and his spouse being given a bean, to which she expresses her feelings and calls his joke bad. Akshay also mocks Punjabi celebrity Soman Bajwa’s previous job as an air hostess.

Later in the same video, Akshay Kumar mocks Disha Patani over Tiger Shroff, stating that she enjoys travelling and is frightened of seeing Tiger on her safari. Disha laughed heartily at the joke, and Akshay was seen holding her as he, too, felt the heat of going a little too far. Several people have commented that AK has a poor sense of comedy.

As soon as the video was out many users trolled Akshay Kumar. They didn’t find the joke funny and called the actor bully. “How can the audience find this funny of making fun of these actors,” wrote one user. Another one wrote that Akshay should think before saying anything about her female costars.

For the unversed, Tiger and Disha’s breakup surprised their fans, and according to reports, the cause for their split was Disha’s one-sided affection for the Ganapath actor.

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