Deepika Padukone FINALLY Breaks Silence Over Pathan Controversy And Remaining Calm, Deets Inside

Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, has wreaked havoc at the box office. It has brought fresh vitality to Hindi films, which had been fighting to recover from the impacts of the epidemic. Unfortunately, the film sparked several controversies. From Deepika Padukone’s frequent exposure of her body to the saffron-colored bikini she wore, she has caused quite a stir since the release of her Pathaan song Besharam Rang.

Deepika stated in an interview with India Today how she kept her cool with Shah Rukh Khan even when everyone was criticising the film even before it came out. The actress added that she and SRK had no other option because they are always cool and collected in every scenario. Their families have nurtured them in this manner. They came here with aspirations and goals, and their hard work has brought them here. The actress confesses that life experiences and age have taught her a lot. She has no idea of the sport SRK participated in school, but it teaches one to be in charge.

Speaking further about her relationship with Shah Rukh Khan, the actress revealed that he believed in her as a beginner 15 years ago. She remembered how the actor cast her in a double part without an audition. She didn’t even come from a filmmaking family. She also mentioned that the most beautiful aspect of her friendship is that she can express herself with only one embrace. Pathaan, on the other hand, has been dominating the box office since its premiere last month. Fans of the film have made it a habit to stay up to date on all of the current collections. Returning to Deepika, she will next be seen in Fighter, co-starring Hrithik Roshan.

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