“I Was Thrown Out” Rajniesh Duggal Reveals Priyanka Chopra Refused To Work With Him After Becoming A Star

Rajniesh Duggal, a model-turned-actor, was initially chosen for the lead role in the film ‘Yakeen’. He was thrilled about this opportunity and had already started preparing for the role. Rajniesh shared that he was signed up for the movie and was undergoing training with director Girish Dhamija. The producer provided him with a penthouse in Juhu, a car, a driver, and even a cook. The makers wanted to ensure he could focus solely on his training and preparation for the film.

Priyanka Chopra’s Rise to Stardom

Priyanka Chopra began her acting career with ‘The Hero: Love Story Of A Spy’ in 2003, starring opposite Sunny Deol. Following this, she gained significant fame with successful films like ‘Aitraaz’ and ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’. Her rising popularity and stardom made her one of the top actresses in the industry. Priyanka was also cast in ‘Yakeen’, opposite Arjun Rampal, but few knew that Rajniesh Duggal was the original choice for the male lead.

The Unexpected Change

Rajniesh’s dreams were shattered overnight when he was informed by the producer, Sujit Kumar Singh, that Priyanka Chopra had refused to work with him because he was a newcomer and she had become a big star. In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Rajniesh revealed his disappointment. He said, “I was the first choice for ‘Yakeen’. I was signed for the film and was working on it. Suddenly, the producer called me and said Priyanka has become a big star and she doesn’t want to work with a newcomer.”

Rajniesh Duggal’s Perspective

Despite the disappointment, Rajniesh does not hold any grudge against Priyanka Chopra. He believes it could have been her managers or the people around her who made the decision. He said, “I don’t blame her, but she was aware that I was doing the film. She could have said, ‘No, he will do it.’” Rajniesh acknowledges that he was inexperienced at the time and didn’t fully understand the complexities of the movie business.

Moving Forward

Although Rajniesh Duggal was removed from ‘Yakeen’, he continued to pursue his acting career. Priyanka Chopra, on the other hand, went on to achieve greater heights in Bollywood and Hollywood. She is currently gearing up for her next Hollywood film ‘Heads of State’. The incident remains a significant part of Rajniesh’s journey in the film industry, highlighting the challenges faced by newcomers in the competitive world of cinema.

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