Hrithik Roshan Gets Trolled After His Security Pushes Away A Fan, User Calls Him “Too Notch Rude” Checkout!

Hrithik Roshan was viciously ridiculed for his arrogant approach towards a fan who attempted to snap a selfie with him. Hrithik Roshan is frequently praised for his stunning acting abilities and handsome appearance. The actor has been drawing a lot of attention due to his romantic involvement with musician and actress Saba Azad. The actor, however, recently came under fire for acting haughtily towards one of his fans on a recent outing.

Hrithik Roshan’s security pushes a fan for taking a selfie

Recently, Hrithik Roshan was spotted having supper in the city with Sussanne Khan and Arslan Goni, her boyfriend. Zayed Khan, Sussanne’s brother, and his wife also joined them. With a black T-shirt, blue jeans, a cap, and black shoes, Hrithik looked dapper as usual. A delivery person attempted to take a selfie with the star as soon as he left the restaurant. Hrithik did nothing to stop his bodyguard from pushing the man away.

Netizens mock Hrithik Roshan for his haughty demeanour

Netizens criticised the actor for his harsh actions as soon as the video went viral on social media. While some people thought he was impolite and conceited, others thought he had an odd sense of haughtiness. Observation from one of the users:  “Will he be behaving like this during promotion weeks before the movie release? Atleast give a fake smile at ppl around you.” 

Another one commented, “I always have the gut feeling this guy is too notch rude and entitled, and here is the proof, logo ne greek god kya bol dia ye toh khud ko god hi samajhne laga, no wonder @kanganaranaut is right about him.” To watch the video, click here.

After Hrithik Roshan came under fire for treating a fan badly

Hrithik has previously displayed his rude side in public. Hrithik Roshan and his girlfriend Saba Azad were spotted out for a dinner date in December 2022. The couple could be seen in the video walking sweetly towards their white automobile. A fan did, however, kindly ask the actor for a selfie in between. But Hrithik evaded him and ultimately had to shove him aside so that Saba could get to the car.  To watch the video, click here.

Hrithik Roshan’s personal life

After a blissful 14 years of marriage, superstar Hrithik Roshan and his wife Sussanne Khan decided to split. Their boys, Hrehaan and Hridhaan Roshan, are being lovingly co-parented by this charming ex-couple, who upheld the value of their marriage even after their divorce and never let their separation have an affect on them.

Hrithik and Sussanne have moved on since being divorced; he is dating singer and actress Saba Azad, and Sussanne is seeing actor Arslan Goni. Hrithik and Sussanne have frequently been photographed together while out having fun with their current spouses.

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