Singer Honey Singh has landed himself in a trouble again. And this time it’s his wife Shalini Singh who has filed a domestic violence case against him. This piece of news has left everyone startled. The couple has been together for seventeen years. They were childhood sweethearts and had taken the nuptial plunge on January 23, 2011.

In a shocking turn of events, Honey Singh’s wife, Shalini, has filed a plea in Delhi’s Tis Hazari court against the rapper. According to a report in India Today, Shalini accused her husband of domestic violence, sexual violence, mental harassment, and financial fraud.

In her plea for justice Shalini had revealed many shocking things about her husband. Her plea can be read as, “That around the time of the marriage, the career of Honey Singh started to take off and he was popularly getting to be known as ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’. Honey Singh started getting many shows, songs, and other projects and he started to travel all across the world for work.”

She had also accused him of giving away all his earnings to his parents and not leaving a single penny for her. She had added, “The payments from almost all his shows and his other work used to be paid in cash and Honey Singh never made the Applicant (Shalini Singh) privy to his finances and always gave each and every penny of his cash income to his father and mother respectively throughout his career.”

In her plea, she had mentioned that things between them started turning sour right from their honeymoon when he started acting distant and even hit her when she went on to confront him. She had stated, “Honey Singh went out of the Hotel room and did not come back for 10-12 hours and the Applicant having no idea about the new place that she was in, remained in the room anxious and waiting for him to come back. Honey Singh came back late at night and was extremely intoxicated.”

She has also accused him of alcoholism and adultery and even claimed that she had casual sex with multiple women and would not take her along on singing tours. She added that he also stopped wearing his wedding ring saying that it’s not good luck for him to be wearing diamonds.

Till many years after his wedding, his fans didn’t know he was married. It was only during an episode of India’s Raw Star in 2013 Shalini was introduced for the first time as Honey Singh’s wife. Talking about the same she had revealed, “In order to further his illicit relationships and sexual intents, Singh never disclosed about his marriage in the public.”

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