Hairstyle Hack : 5 Steps To The Perfect Perky Ponytail Like Deepika Padukone

Do you wonder how when celebs do their braids or if an expert hairdresser does a ponny tail, how can it look so great? It has the ideal measure of volume, there aren’t any flyaways and it’s lively and it won’t move. Indeed, when it comes to braids, despite the fact that it’s the most easiest hairstyle, They spend a lot of time perfecting it and styling it right.

So while we could all simply prepare a pig tail on the day by day, the ideal braid takes somewhat more work. Here’s the means by which you can get the look!

Deepika Padukone

Stage 1: Style your hair before you put it into a braid. Either fix or twist it. Yet, in case that you need a voluminous braid, at that point I recommend you twist your hair with a wide barrel and open up the twists.


Stage 2: Tease the hair on the crown and the base of your neck also for included volume. This will likewise give your crown a bouffant impact after you’re finished with the ponny tail.

Stage 3: If you are tying your braid over your ear level then first make a half pony tail forgetting about a couple of pieces in the front and the base hair. When that is done take the remainder of the hair and put it into a braid over the one you previously made. That will help the volume yet will likewise make it sturdier.

Stage 4: Spray a toothbrush with hairspray and run it on the highest point of your pony tail and the base to tame flyaways. The denser the brush, the better it will be at smoothing flyaways.

Stage 5: Take a segment of hair from underneath your pony tail and fold it over the hair flexible to make sure about.

Hair hack #1: If you’re going for a smooth look, supplant the hairspray with a water-based gel.

Hair hack #2: For your pony tail to remain without relaxing up, tie it up with a bungee versatile. You can even DIY your own by putting a bobby nail to either side of the versatile. The put one bobby pin into the base of the braid and wrap the fastener around the pony tail and afterward once you run out, put the other bobby pin into the pony tail as well.

Hair hack #3: For a smooth look utilize a hairbrush to assemble your hair for the pony tail however for an untidy look, consistently finger brush!

Hair hack #4: For included volume split your pony tail into equal parts vertically and include a little clasp in the middle of the 2 parts. Disguise it appropriately with the top half and you will have more volume.

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