Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are not simply named, they are what everybody calls ‘TRUE LOVE’. Having a place with Delhi, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri met each other in a get-together in 1988, and the Cupid had hit them with affection. Shah Rukh Khan had left Delhi and had moved to Mumbai and he had gotten married to his ladylove, Gauri Khan on October 25, 1991. Shah Rukh is honest to goodness ‘king of romance’ in both, his personal and professional life. From romancing with his costars to being faithful to his ladylove, Shah Rukh has been increasing the expectations of affection extremely high. The couple has had their portions of high points and low points however they had not let it affect their relationship.


Wouldn’t it be an exciting chance that you could stay for a day at Shah Rukh Khan’s home? It may look unimaginable for a considerable lot of you out there however the outlandish is simply going to get real. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have leased their Delhi home and are giving fans an Open Arm Welcome opportunity to be their guests. So how might you sack your opportunity to remain at Shah Rukh Khan’s home? Let us reveal to you that SRK and his better half Gauri Khan have as of late cooperated with Airbnb and are inviting individuals inside their home through a challenge.

The fortunate couple will get an opportunity to carry one more visitor alongside them and remain at Shah Rukh Khan’s home situated at South Delhi’s Panchsheel Park. One can win a night remain by expounding on what an ideal ‘Open Arm Welcome’ signifies to them. “With countless recollections of our initial days in Delhi, the city holds an extremely extraordinary spot in our souls. @gaurikhan has designed our Delhi house and filled it with adoration and snapshots of sentimentality. Here’s a possibility for you to be our visitor with @airbnb,” Shah Rukh Khan shared on Instagram.

The home’s profoundly close to home stylish catches the family’s endless memories throughout the long term. Photos and knickknacks line a divider in the main room. Unique negatives of Shah Rukh Khan’s number one film. Another divider is decorated with the high-quality cards traded by Shah Rukh and Gauri during the beginning of a romance.