EXCLUSIVE: Rubina Dilaik Finally Breaks Silence On Ignoring paparazzi At Airport, Says She Had Just Got News Of Her Aunt’s Demise

Rubina Dilaik became the winner of Bigg Boss 14. She beat the singer Rahul Vaidya and won the trophy of BB 14. Since the time the actress won the show, she can be seen having a joyful time with her friends and husband Abhinav Shukla Nonetheless, as of late, she was forced to bear netizens as they bashing the actress as a video from the airport turned into a web sensation.


In the video, she avoids having a conversation with the paparazzi present at the airport to get her photos. A paparazzi even inquired as to whether she was annoyed with the media, yet she didn’t let out the slightest peep. As the video was shared on the web, netizens called her ‘arrogant’ and ‘ghamandi’. Presently, Rubina has ended her quiet on something very similar and uncovered the reason behind why she did what she did. She even talked about her more distant family not conversing with her on regular basis.

In a conversation with ex-contestant Andy Kumar, Rubina expressed that she had recently gotten the information on her auntie’s demise and was completely shocked. She clarified that her bua (auntie) died when she was inside the house and her family hid the news from her to not hose her celebrations. Nonetheless, she has now ventured out to Chandigarh and the family needed to break the news to her as the auntie remained in Chandigarh. “As now everybody realizes that I am shooting in Chandigarh, I have my more distant family in Chandigarh – my dad’s sibling and sister live there. While I was inside the house, I lost my bua (fatherly auntie) to a heart attack in January, which my family didn’t tell me.” She added that even after the show, her family hid the report from her, as her grandma didn’t need her to be ‘overwhelmed with distress,” Rubina said.

She at that point proceeded to add, “Precisely when I told my folks that I am going on shooting to Chandigarh, that is the point at which they broke this news to me. My more distant family wasn’t conveying consistently like they ordinarily do. I figured it very well might be on the grounds that I am occupied, they are not calling habitually, however, my grandma had taught everybody.”

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