Malvika Sitlani, a well-known influencer, is embracing her motherhood experience with her baby girl, Abigail. Regularly active on social media, she shares moments from her journey, keeping her followers informed. However, Malvika often faces criticism and online trolling for her demeanor and self-presentation. This scenario repeated recently.

Malvika Sitlani unveils her unexpected transformation after pregnancy

In a recent Instagram post, Malvika Sitlani provided a glimpse of her surprising transformation after pregnancy. The photo showed her wearing a black and white striped crop top along with grey shorts. She held the shorts at the waist to demonstrate their looseness. Along with the picture, she expressed, “These shorts are L. I’m back to medium. HOW? Not Complaining.”

Netizens respond to Malvika Sitlani’s self-conscious actions

A Reddit user recently posted the image and initiated a conversation on the online platform. People seemed dissatisfied with Malvika’s post and criticized her for being excessive. One commenter wrote, “I was so puzzled for a moment wondering what I was looking at because the waistband is elastic.” Another individual remarked, “I hope her daughter doesn’t adopt such values; she’s overly superficial.”

Malvika expressed her joy at fitting back into her jeans and mentioned her preference for loose, high-waisted mama jeans. She highlighted her love for jeans, finding them comfortable for everyday wear. She also urged her followers not to assume any drastic postpartum weight loss when judging her current appearance.

Recently, Malvika Sitlani shared a video capturing her delivery experience on her social media account. The footage documented her intense moments during a water birth. However, this video faced criticism from some internet users, leading her to remove it due to negative feedback.