Paras Chhabra’s closeness with Mahira Sharma is creating a lot of headlines, especially with Paras’ girlfriend Akanksha Puri being supportive of his actions. However, he has been blasted by Mahira Sharma’s mother and Shehnaz Gill:s father when they entered. Now, his girlfriend Akanksha Puri has given an exclusive interview and has blasted her boyfriend Paras Chhabra for taking Mahira Sharma to a corner and kissing her.

In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Furious Akanksha quoted saying that, “I had asked him to flirt around and show his playboy side but did not tell him to corner a girl and kiss her and hold her hand in abandonment. I don’t know what he is doing.” Akanksha expressed her anger and frustration at the way things have shaped up between Paras and Mahira, but she doesn’t want to take an impulsive decision and will wait for Paras to emerge from the show.

Akanksha is waiting for Paras to coming out of house then she will talk to him and decide to where to take their relationship. Meanwhile, it’s a family week on Bigg Boss 13 and you will see Paras Chabra’s mother entering house and spend some quality time with his son.

Before she entered the house, Paras’ girlfriend Akanksha spent some quality time with her. The two hung out and even saw a film together. The ladies possibly discussed what Paras’ mother’s strategy would be once she’s inside the house.