“English” not a tag of education

English is not the tag that the person is educated , there are many people around us who not even know english but are doing great in their lives so one cannot guarantee that if we can spoke english that means we will succeed in life. A person only succeed in life through his determination, hardwork, consistency , strong willpower etc which ultimately makes him successful.

English is needed , no doubt in many sectors but doesn’t mean only english is the priority . We can do best in many sector without english. Infact english is a language of corporate sector. Spoken english is now made essential in the corporate world in the MNCs, where you have to deal with clients of other country also.

There many great personalities around the world who have studied from the hindi medium and they are doing great in their lives , involving the famous names as well. A degree is a degree it hardly matters whether it is from a hindi medium or from a english medium . The things which matters is knowledge, how much we have learn and know from .As one needs to study in ones mother tongue for the better understanding of subjects.

There are many negative effects of english also like It affects the local language, words are somewhere are difficult to pronounce, it affects our culture also. But people judge the other person on the basis how fluently one speaks english so we should stop doing this stereotype on the basis of language. Every person is different and have number of capabilities in them.

Law also provides protection to the hindi language through the official language act, 1963 , section 7 which provides that the use of hindi or official language of a state in addition to the english language may be authorised with the consent of the president,governor  of the state.So hindi plays a integral role in our life , being a Indian it is our responsibility to preserve it.

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