Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla Breaks Down In Tears After Fight With Asim Riaz

Sidharth Shukla has gotten into another fight with his buddy Asim Riaz and this time it seems that Twitter is supporting the actor. It so happened that Sidharth and Asim had a fight again. But what happened after that touched everyone’s heart. Sidharth broke down into tears and his fans couldn’t see him crying.

A few weeks ago Sidharth and Asim were fighting like cats and dog. Even though they became friends again but not as good they were before. In today’s episode, we shall see Asim saying nasty things to Sidharth Shukla like ghatiya, dogla and what not. It seems like Sidharth couldn’t take this sh*t anymore and he breaks down and we see Paras supporting him.

Sidharth fans sprung in action to support him as #staystongsidharth is trending on twitter and more than 62.5K tweets have been made using the hashtag. Sidharth Shukla’s fan following is crazy and it comes as a no surprise that he is trending on social media every day. Sharing a picture of an upset Sidharth Shukla, a user wrote, “M ni dekh skti sid ko rote huy Sbhi itna bura target krte hai na ki jisse sid preshan ho bs #StayStrongSidharth #Sidnaaz in this house he has only sana for him @ColorsTV  plz do smthng for #sidnazz  I think big boss should snd thm both in scret room.”

While Sidharth’ fans are so active on social media, Fans of Asim are no less. Yesterday we gave you the news that #unstoppableAsim is trending on twitter and crossed over 1 million tweets using the hashtag.

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